Case of the Mondays: Week 16 Waiver Report and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


Wanted: Armed and Dangerous

Well I figure since most are in their finals this week, the information changes a little. First off, congrats. Unless you are a loyal reader for the sake of my personal pride, you have reached the championship game and are playing for all the marbles. I hope that somewhere along the way this article, this website, and our thoughts and advice was helpful to you. We sincerely appreciate your support as we expand our FFBLife Empire and continue to give you the best possible information and advice in as many ways as possible. We will be working harder than ever this offseason to ensure we are back and better than ever next year, hopefully you will return.

But that can all wait! We have bigger fish to fry, larger trees to chop down, whinier wide receivers to lay out, and championships to win! Here are some of the notes from week 15 and some information to look to in heading towards that title game. Best of luck and thanks again!

Note 1: Down go the Packers!

The '72 Dolphins are poppin bottles and the Green Bay Packers are licking their wounds. So was the absence of Greg Jennings that detrimental to their offensive flow? I don’t think it was. One thing about the Packers effectiveness is they NEVER drop balls. They dropped a whole bunch on Sunday. In addition, the injuries to the offensive line are far more worrisome than Jennings. Rodgers did not look comfortable in the pocket for the first time in awhile and it showed in his final numbers. The good news for Rodgers and other Packers owners is they still have something to play for in week 15. Not only would they get the opportunity to knock their rival Bears out of playoff contention, but they are still one win away from locking up home field. The Packers will come to play in Chicago.

Note 2: Felix Jones, who are you

Seriously, this is the guy most thought they would get when they invested an early round pick in him in August. A couple injuries, a demotion behind a break out star, and a second opportunity has ignited something in the man. He has two 100 yard games chiefs-packersand has been every bit the work horse back Jerry Jones had hoped since he drafted him over Chris Johnson. (ironic twist at this stage) He gets Philly at home this week and should be in line ups for your title game. Who would have thought that a few weeks ago?

Note 3: New England tight ends

This just in, Tom Brady will get off whomever he wants. He is the Golden Boy and only he shall decide who succeeds in fantasy. As beastly as Rob Gronkowski is, and that is very beastly, Aaron Hernandez impressed himself in a multitude of ways.  Lining up all over the field, Hernandez took advantage of every match up thrown at him. I can’t say for certain which guy will explode in a given week but considering their opponent this week, Miami where they both dominated in week 1, it could be both.

Note 4: That Brees sure is warm

Wow, tells you what kind of a season Aaron Rodgers has had, when this guy isn’t the hands down MVP winner. He might break Marino’s record this week! Wow

Note 5: I've said it before I'll say it again

Play the guys that brung ya! This is the title game, so unless you have been rolling with serious match up plays, don't over think this. It is the biggest game of the year but that doesn’t it make it any different in preparation. Every week you have set a line up to win the game, do the same thing. We have seen 15 weeks of football and there isn't a very good chance to find a break out star that no one expected.

Note 6: Good luck and God Bless. (Tebowing pose)

Free Agents: Because there aren't many free agents available, these are possible one week guys with good match ups


Matt Moore @ NE

Rex Grossman vs MIN


Kahlil Bell @GB


The Redskins guys again (Moss or Gaffney)

Titus Young vs SD (you think San Diego will let Calvin do to them what he did to Oakland?)

Golden Tate/Doug Baldwin vs SF (SF doesn't get run on, Sidney Rice and Mike Williams both out for the year)


FFBLife would like to thank you again for sticking with us throughout the year. Look for bigger and better things in the next season including a mobile advice application (for all of you that love having access to those tough lineup questions each week), offseason draft guide and Huddle, the social network for fantasy football. Stay tuned and here's to us all celebrating this time next week!