Case of the Mondays: Week 12 Waiver Report and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


And the hits just keep on comin! For those of you out there who haven’t experienced the bug yet this year I congratulate you. For the majority, injuries have over whelmed the NFL this year like a plague. Sunday was no different as we lost another quarterback potentially for the season and another stud running back went down. Jay Cutler fractured his thumb and will miss a minimum of 6 weeks, aka the remainder of the fantasy season. I don’t know how many of you were actually relying on Jay week in and week out so the loss might not be that big of a blow but there is a different group of owners who have still not exhaled since Sunday. Those would be the AP owners. AP went down with an ankle injury that initially looked like it could have been devastating. I usually have a rule that if a player leaves on a cart, it’s all bad news. The good news is it is, only a sprain; the bad news is, its high ankle. It looks like AP will miss AT LEAST this week, but potentially could miss more. AP is saying all of the right things, he wants to play, blah blah blah, but let’s be honest about high ankle sprains; typical recovery is 4-6 weeks. All aboard the Toby Gerhart train to the playoffs??? Hmmm.

Week 11

Note 1: Kevin Smith’s comeback


-          I hope some of you desperate owners in week 11 checked out my rankings and used that information to take an earlier flyer on Kevin Smith. Never would anyone have imagined the kid would do what he did, but to his credit, he took full advantage of his second chance. Still only 24 years old and out of football for 2 years, Kevin Smith was never short on talent, only on health. Right now he looks like his meter is full on both. Detroit is CLEARLY better with a running attack as their offense looked balanced and unstoppable again against the Panthers. Ever since Jahvid Best went out with his concussion, the Lions had become one dimensional and thusly went on their slide. With Best potentially sidelined for the season, Kevin Smith 10 weeks fresher than the rest of the NFL, and they have the 4th best schedule against the run remaining. Expect Kevin Smith to be the featured back going forward and hope he can stay healthy. If he is available, go get him.

Note 2: Dwayne Bowe

-          Kansas City went up against one of the worse passing defenses in the NFL and Tyler Palko ended up with 236 yards and 3 Ints. Dwayne Bowe had a solid day with 7 catches for over 80 yards but keep in mind this was against the best possible match up! I am very worried about Dwayne Bowe’s opportunities going forward especially his scoring chances. Matt Cassel wasn’t great by any means, but if Palko can’t get in the end zone in catch up mode against a terrible secondary, it’s going to be tough sledding for points against more competent defenses.

Note 3: Jets Running Game

-          Let’s be real here, Joe McKnight looked better in his one game of action than Shonn Greene has since the playoffs 2 years ago. Greene hurt his ribs in week 11 but looks like he should be ready to go. I would go ahead and pick up McKnight though just in case he suffers a setback or Rex Ryan decides to shake things up to get the Jets off the schneid. McKnight had 121 total yards in relief.

cjsitNote 4: The Great White Hope

-          Let’s just get this out of the way. Fantasy awesomeness knows no color boundary. So whether corners respect him or not, Jordy Nelson is a fantasy stud. Period.

Note 5: CJnoK

-          Chris Johnson is back! Yea, the bad Chris Johnson is back. Tough match up or not, the Chris Johnson of years past would not have put up 12 rushes for 13 yards. It looks like the revival was a bigger credit to the Panthers’ defense (see Kevin Smith week 11) than it was to CJ.

Note 6: Trending

-          Following up on the last note, you know what Delone Carter/Donald Brown, LeGarrette Blount, Michael Turner, Arian Foster, and LeGarrette Blount have in common? That is the order in which they play the Panthers’ defense to end the season. Just thinking ahead…..

Week 12 waiver adds:


Jake Locker ** (If Hasslebeck misses any time, Locker looked very good in relief and has a nice schedule over the next few weeks. Also a very solid dynasty/keeper add going into next season if available)

Kyle Orton** (Cut by DEN Tuesday morning, would have to learn a new offense but CHI, HOU, MIA, KC and ARI all possibilities. All have decent weapons)


Kevin Smith*********** (featured back of an explosive offense at this stage in the game, huge)

Toby Gerhart****

Joe McKnight***

Ryan Grant*** (James Starks looks like he will miss Thursday’s game, tough match up and running backs don’t score much on Green Bay, but if you need a flyer)

CJ Spiller** (Check status of Fred Jackson)


Santana Moss**** (coming back from injury)

Jerome Simpson***

Titus Young** (I put him here last week as a flyer and he scored, has scored 7, 7, and 12 the last 3 weeks and GB game has all the makings of a shootout)



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