Case of the Mondays: Week 1 Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


What an opening Sunday of football! 11 quarterbacks threw for over 300 yards on opening weekend and we still have 4 to go! What happened to the notion that defenses start ahead of offenses and teams will be hurt by the lockout? Tell that to rookie Cam Newton (422 yards 3 total TDs), newly acquired Kevin Kolb (309 yards 2 TDs), and who needs preseason or American freedom’s Kenny Britt (136 yards 2 TDs). And this is just a taste of the awesomeness that has been opening weekend. In a quick recap of what some of it may mean, here is your Case of the Mondays.

Note 1: RBBC is alive and runnin!

TB: Top 20 back LaGarrette Blount had a whopping 5 carries against Detroit and was a complete after thought on 3rd downs. While Coach Morris has already come out and said he was disappointed in their use of Blount, he has also said he doesn’t believe Blount is ready for 3rd downs, a very evident fact on Sunday.

NO: Ingram had the most carries, Pierre Thomas looked like the more effective runner, and Sproles was in for the most plays and looked the most dangerous. This will continue to be a week to week thing. All guys look like flex plays for now (Pierre being the worst with a role less clearly defined) with Ingram being the play in touchdown heavy leagues.

GB: Carries split nearly even at 12-9, Starks looked like the FAR more explosive player. Grant was successful when he found running lanes but struggled upon first contact and didn’t look to have the same burst that he had two years ago. Starks also seemed to be the back of choice every time Green Bay visited the red zone.


SD: Wow, this one was shocking. Ryan Mathews looked great and had 118 total yards. A game you would think would have put him as the front runner in this back field situation. Until I told you Mike Tolbert amassed 93 total yards of his own to go with 3 TDs (and 2 were rec)! This looks like an even, hot hand kind of a split barring injury and the thing I take away most from this is that Philip Rivers might not be needed to air it out as much as years past.

NYJ: Well if the first game was any indication, there will be a lot of people who just never trust Shonn Greene in drafts ever again. Shonn Greene was expected to shoulder the rushing load behind a defensive minded team with a great o line. Well, 10 carries for a 2.6 YPG average doesn’t scream breakout star. LT continues to shine in the passing game, and refuses to let the young buck get settled into a featured back role. The Jets did get behind and ended up throwing the ball more than expected so maybe this will be the aberration. Not a good sign though.

Note 2: Breakout stars are coming

Kenny Britt: Big guy with big talents. Evidenced by his numbers in limited time last season, with patch work quarterbacks, and a bum hammy, Britt has shown flashes of absolute brilliance. Well the third year wide receiver started off with a bang week one to the tune of 136 yards and 2 TDs. Despite Matt Hasslebeck continuing to show his lack of ability to throw the ball deep, I think Britt is on his way to stardom. Upside of Hakeem Nicks last year, get on the wagon.


dezjetsDez Bryant: I pumped Bryant as a big time potential break out in some of our articles during the drafting process and if you watched the first half of the Jets game, he showed you exactly what I was talking about.  He abused the Jets on the first drive for 45 yards and a great touchdown over Antonio Cromartie. The Jets themselves were so impressed by Bryant, they immediately moved super stud Darrelle Revis over to shadown Bryant. So what does Bryant do? First time Revis is on him, gets a back shoulder throw and makes a great leaping 26 yard catch as Revis spun around dizzy. Superstar. Unfortunately Dez took a helmet to the thigh on a punt return a couple series later which limited his effectiveness the rest of the game but the proof was in the pudding. This kid is a superstar. Get your popcorn ready.

Note 3: Injuries and ugliness

The St. Louis Rams had a rough day. Not only did they lose to the Eagles, expected, they also lost their number 1 receiver for the season (Amendola), their number 1 offensive weapon (Steven Jackson, expected  to miss week 2), and their franchise QB (Bradford, MRI pending). Cadillac Williams because an interesting get as he had 24 touches yesterday and it is clear he will get the ball with Jackson out. Stay posted for news on Bradford, and look to pick up Brandon Gibson or Mike Sims-Walker if either is available with Amendola shelved.

sjackinjuryMarques Colston is hurt again, I swear I just DID NOT see that one coming! I liked Meachem more than Colston going into the Packers game and I like him even more now. Meachem has had break out written all over him this offseason and a huge obstacle to the goal has just been blown wide open by one broken collarbone. Henderson deserves a look as well, especially with Lance Moore hobbled, but Meachem is still the guy I like most as he has by far the most talent of the group.

The Colts are in trouble. If it wasn’t clear Manning should win the MVP every season, it should be now. How else do you explain a team who challenges for the Super Bowl every year turning into a team who looks like they will compete for the number 1 overall pick. Hopefully as Kerry Collins gets some more practice time this will get better, but right now, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark (barely) look to be the only startable players on the Colts offense.

Stay away from starting any Seahawks. Period. If you need a more in depth analysis, well, just trust me.


Week One Waiver Wire Looks:

QB: Rex Grossman, Cam Newton

RB: Cadillac Williams, Ben Tate (seriously, if you are an Arian Foster owner and this guy is a free agent still, shame on you

WR: Robert Meachem, Early Doucet, Brandon Gibson, Devery Henderson, Jordy Nelson, Jabar Gaffne

TE: Fred Davis, Ed Dickson, Jermaine Gresham


Enjoy Monday Night Football!!