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  1. Brian Cushing: Texans playoff berth isn't good enough
    The Houston Texans won back-to-back AFC South titles only to see early playoff exits. Brian Cushing says the team understands its issue and is "ready to take the next step."
  2. Texans owner on Brock Osweiler trade: 'Shocker to me'
    Texans GM Rick Smith convinced the Browns to take on his $72 million mistake for the cost of a second-round pick. The trade of Brock Osweiler surprised even Houston's owner.
  3. O'Brien excited about Texans' QBs, mum on Tony Romo
    Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien isn't ready to talk about the possibility of Tony Romo joining the team, but he's excited about Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden being on the roster.
  4. Market for former Bears QB Jay Cutler looks grim
    While the NFL world obsesses over Colin Kaepernick's inability to find a starting job two weeks into free agency, Jay Cutler is running headlong into the same log jam on the quarterback market.
  5. Bill O'Brien on Brock Osweiler: Texans 'moving on'
    Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien isn't saying much about the team's decision to trade away Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns. "We wish Brock the best, but we're moving on."
  6. Hopkins: Bouye better cover me since Ramsey can't
    DeAndre Hopkins and A.J. Bouye went from being teammates to division rivals, as Bouye defected to the Jags. Hopkins told Bouye he better be the one covering him, since Jalen Ramsey couldn't.
  7. Browns acquire Brock Osweiler, 2018 pick from Texans
    The Texans found a creative way to get Brock Osweiler and his $16 million guaranteed salary off the books. They decided to give him away to the Browns, with a second-round pick as a sweetener.
  8. Bill O'Brien wants to cut down Lamar Miller's workload
    Bill O'Brien acknowledges he leaned too heavily on running back Lamar Miller during the course of the season, saying he'd like to limit his carries a little more next year.
  9. Rick Smith: Texans want to extend DeAndre Hopkins
    General manager Rick Smith emphasized Thursday the Texans are "absolutely intent" on a new deal for DeAndre Hopkins. Is the price tag skyrocketing following Antonio Brown's mega contract?
  10. NFL commissioned study shows $45 million Mexico City impact
    The Texans-Raiders game in Mexico City last November generated an increase of $45 million in the city's gross revenues, the NFL announced Thursday.
  11. Pats tried to deal Collins to Texans before trading LB to Browns
    Before sending Jamie Collins to Cleveland via trade midseason, the New England Patriots attempted to deal the linebacker to the Houston Texans, Ian Rapoport reported.
  12. Texans 'certainly' will work on DeAndre Hopkins deal
    Texans owner Bob McNair says the team 'certainly' will work toward giving a contract extension to DeAndre Hopkins, who is keen on the idea of Adrian Peterson possibly joining the team.
  13. Bill O'Brien: Houston Texans want A.J. Bouye back
    Texans coach Bill O'Brien made it clear he wants star cornerback A.J. Bouye to return to Houston next season. The former undrafted free agent is due to do well as a free agency.