Fantasy Football Start Sit

Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 5

Author: Kevin Nelson

The thing is, I don’t feel any different. It sounds drastically different when I ask, but at the heart of the matter, I do not feel any different. Yesterday I reached the monumental 30th birthday achievement and the status quo seems to have been altered. “Dirty” thirty as many have apparently conveyed to me over the past few days should be different. For the sake of obvious, it is a little weird to consider I know longer can say I’m “in my twenties”. Ok, fine. You little punks can separate yourselves, I have maturity on my side and that’s important for things too right? Liiiiiike, not making a spontaneous fantasy trade, yeah, that’s a good one. Only an immature person would do that right? (head shakes)

Ok bad example. My point in my short paragraph that is oh so shortly related to fantasy football is, well, ok fine I don’t really know! All I know is I just turned 30 and this seems like the proper place to publicly sour the idea until I get through it.

On the bright side, at least I’m not a running back. 30 is probably even scarier for those guys. Yeah… that makes me feel better.

Let’s go Start/Sit!!!!!!!





Terrelle Pryor vs SD: I wanted to put Pryor in this spot last week but he ended up not being cleared to play and thusly would not have been a good start! Rich man’s Tim Tebow, Poor Man’s Cam Newton, tomato, tomato (that doesn’t work as well over type). Maybe he is just a pretty darn good Terrelle Pryor? Sure, he didn’t play very well against Jacksonville, which is a bit weird, but his passer rating has improved every week and the man can run the football. Pryor is averaging 66 yards rushing per game with a 65% completion percentage. Sure, nobody will confuse him with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but 65% is light years ahead of Tim Tebow. Remember, just two short years ago, Tebow led many fantasy teams to the championship. San Diego gives up the most points to QBs and Pryor had an extra week to get up to speed.

Eli Manning vs PHI: The Giants are terrible, let’s get that out of the way. But the Eagles defense is up to the task in that battle which makes Eli a quality start this week. Despite leading the league in rushing, the Eagles are towards the bottom in time of possession. The Giants will get the ball, and the Giants cannot run the ball themselves. David Wilson has been a colossal disappointment on the ground and Brandon Jacobs will not save the day. Please tell me you aren’t thinking there is a chance in your mind. That means Eli will be chuckin, as usual. Can the Eagles pick him off 4 times? Maybe, but I’ll say no and Eli actually ends up with a pretty nice fantasy day.

Others that should make you feel good: Michael Vick at NYG, Sam Bradford vs JAC, Cam Newton at ARI


DeMarco Murray vs DEN: You would think that teams would not be running much against the Broncos right? They have gotten out to big leads in every game pretty much and typically force teams to abandon their running game. Oh contraire…..mon frère. Denver surprisingly gives up the 3rd most fantasy points to RBs this season. Well, one of the hotter running backs in the league the past few weeks is the one going up against the Broncs this very week. The Cowboys NEED, NEED, NEED, to control the ball and keep the ball out of Peyton’s hands. Expect Murray to get a huge work load this Sunday, at least until Dallas gets behind, and expect Murray to put up a solid stat line with said work load.

Maurice Jones-Drew at STL: The Rams boasted perhaps the best defensive line coming into this season. They led the league in sacks last year, were and up and coming team, yadda yadda yadda. Well, four weeks in and they are the worst team in the league defending the run (from a fantasy perspective) and it’s not even really that close right now. Sure the Jags have been a laughing stock so far this season but they do get Justin Blackmon back this week. Cecil Shorts is a talented player, but by himself, he just couldn’t carry the burden outside. Having both of those weapons wide, should open things up and allow MJD to have his best game of the season.

Eddie Lacy vs DET: We talk about playing for jobs all the time. Ahmad Bradshaw was a good example, Johnathan Franklin, and countless others who put on a show knowing that their livelihood could be at stake. Well, it might night be quite that extreme for Eddie Lacy yet, but the Packers had a 40 plus game streak without a 100 yard rusher and that total has been surpassed in back to back weeks. Neither being Eddie Lacy. Detroit boasts the second worst run defense, despite a big named defensive line crew, which should allow Lacy to become the 3rd consecutive. Let’s be clear, if he doesn’t, Johnathan Franklin will be breathing down his neck, and I for one have said all offseason I thought Franklin’s skill set could fit perfectly in this offense. Lacy will be ready for a big day.

Others you should feel good about: Bilal Powell at ATL, DeAngelo Williams at ARI, Rashad Jennings vs SD


Justin Blackmon at STL: Over the final seven games of last season Blackmon was playing at a 1400 yard 9 TD season pace. You know what the Jaguars have been doing well in Blackmon’s absence this season?? Nothing. Look, all I know is if I am 0-4 and absolutely stinking, and I get my big stud receiver back, guess who I am giving the ball to? I think Blackmon starts his season on a high note.

Kenbrell Thompkins at CIN: Last week was the clincher for me. When Aaron Dobson went down with a slight injury, everything became crystal clear. This is Thompkins’ show. On a Tom Brady led team, you have one rule when this information becomes clear like an old school Pepsi, you start that man. So, start that man.

Dwayne Bowe at TEN: He’s coming around. I still have faith. I think last week was scratching the surface. Let’s keep the positive vibe train chugging down De’wayneBowe. (Ohhhhh, found away to get one of my favorite team names assimilated into a post, score)

Others to feel good about: DeAndre Hopkins at SF, Alshon Jeffery vs NO, Terrance Williams vs DEN


Greg Olsen at ARI: Coming off the bye week and facing the worst team in the league at defending the tight end, by a MILE, and Greg Olsen looks in for a primo week in week 5. Olsen is averaging over 5 catches a game this season and is clearly Cam Newton’s go to guy this year.




Carson Palmer vs CAR: 17, 11, 3, 9 are his four totals in standard scoring. Now he goes up against the number one rated defense vs. QBs. Ummmmm, no.

Andrew Luck vs SEA: Luck has totaled 14 and 18 standard league fantasy points in the two games since acquiring Trent Richardson. Not bad, not great. The Colts don’t want to be the downfield passing team Bruce Arians had them run last year, they want power. That is great in real life, but severely limits Luck’s upside. He has already thrown for 179 yards or less twice and this week he gets the Seattle Seahawks. Sure Matt Schaub ended up with some decent stats last week but Houston’s offensive line protected Schaub very well for long stretches during that game. The Hawks also didn’t have Bruce Irvin. I’m not as confident in the Colts o line, and the Colts will try and power up the Hawks.

Others that might make you feel nervous: Jay Cutler vs NO, Matt Schaub at SF, Andy Dalton vs NE


Stevan Ridley at CIN: Let’s look at some appealing traits of the 2013 version of Stevan Ridley, ready? Ok. Hasn’t topped 53 yards rushing. Hasn’t scored. Averaging under 12 carries per game. Now battling a knee injury. Going up against a defense, on the road, that is top 10 in YPC. So, to recap, a guy with a knee injury, who hasn’t scored, averaged less than 50 yards on the ground and under 12 carries, is facing a defense who doesn’t give up a lot of big plays on the ground, on the road? Ok, use your own judgement.

St. Louis vs JAC: Daryl Richardson, Isaiah Pead, Benny Cunningham, or Zac Stacy? Really???? Four guys to guess between?? Even the Rams porous rushing attack could find room against the Jags but guessing who the Rams decide to give the rock to in this one is a complete crapshoot. Stay away if you can.

Adrian Peterson vs BYE: He’s on bye!! Just wanted to put AP in the “sit” section. Doesn’t happen very often and feels very weird. Almost uncomfortable even. Ok, I’m outta here.

Montee Ball at DAL: I feel for those who were drafting Monte Ball really high in their drafts because this platoon has John Fox written all over it. Moreno isn’t doing anything spectacular, but he is solid and he is reliable. They are winning. Barring injury, Ball’s carries will continue to be limited unless he just starts doing some absolutely amazing things. And ya know what, even if he does, my bet is Fox still holds him back. Don’t play him.

Others to feel nervous about: BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs NE, Rashard Mendenhall vs CAR, Pierre Thomas at CHI


Big Name Bust of the Week

Reggie Wayne vs SEA: Sure, Andre got off a little last week. The Seattle pass rush could not move Schaub off of his spot and the secondary could not make up for it. I am not better on both of those things happening again. The Colts will try to power the Seahawks up, but the Hawks are a physical team themselves. Getting Bruce Irvin back will help that Seattle pass rush, and while Andrew Luck can move around far better (I mean like a commercial with Michael Vick throwing the football after drinking one of those Gatorade’s back in the day far) I still don’t know if Reggie Wayne can consistently beat that physical secondary. I’m guessing no. Oh….. this goes for T.Y. Hilton as well.

James Jones vs DET: Save one game, Jones has consistently been the number four option for the Packers. Lacy is back, Finley has been cleared and while Detroit star corner Chris Houston might not be on Jones, he still finds himself as a risky play. There are better options right now, until Jones can find a more consistent niche.

Mike Wallace vs BAL: Until further notice pretty much on this one. What a waste of money so far! Right now he has one really good game and three absolutely awful games. He is nothing more than a glorified number 3/4 receiver. Put it like this, you know how sometimes you go to the mall and a pair of shoes just flash and catch your eye. You buy them, super excited, take them home and put them on the rack. You look at them a couple times when you walk by, excited about your purchase. Then time goes by, and goes by, and you haven’t worn them because they are more of a specific event or time type of shoe. It’s not a shoe you can just wear every day? I feel like that is Mike Wallace. Good luck predicting which day to wear your nice shoes.

Others to feel nervous about: Nate Washington vs KC (KC defense is serious, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is more like a funny ha ha), Andre Roberts vs CAR, Anquan Boldin vs HOU



Vernon Davis vs HOU: I said be nervous about Anquan and now I’m sitting Davis. Yea, the Houston defense is good guys. San Francisco is going to need to rely on Frank Gore, Colin Kaepernick, and the ground game in my opinion. The Texans are only giving up 141 yards through the air per game. JJ Watt, Brian Cushing, and Jonathan Joseph are 3 levels of madness and they have also been the most successful team at stopping tight ends.