Fantasy Football Start Sit

#FantasyFootball Start Sit - Week 4

Author: Kevin Nelson

Disappointment. Disappointment can consume any one of us and leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled. But why, whhyyyyyyy? Well, it’s simple, disappointment is a function of one’s expectations. The Jaguars win 8 games, no disappointment. The Seahawks? I don’t want to talk about it. I was chatting with a buddy recently about owning Jimmy Graham last year. He was complaining about how massively disappointed he was in Graham, despite the fact that Graham finished as the number one overall tight end. You see, a function of his expectations. He expected Graham to run away from the field, not merely be 55 points better than the 12th best.   Expectation meets disappointment.

I bring this up because three weeks in now, the word “bust” starts being brought out more and more. Arian Foster, Ray Rice, CJ Spiller, etc are example of guys who may fit this mold. Expectations are for these guys to run away from the field. The reality is, it’s been three freakin weeks! There is only a 14 point different between the 8th best running back and the 30th! Sure you can look for signs that may lead to continued failure, but the point to gain from all of this nonsense is don’t be disappointed already due to 3 weeks of performance not meeting your preseason expectations. It is a long season folks. Be strong, stay the course, and start the right people. People like:




Robert Griffin III at OAK: The Redskins will move the ball. On the ground, in the air, by boat, by plane, train, automobile, on foot, etc… What’s more, the Raiders could move the ball as well due to the terrible, porous defense. (Did I mention their defense is not that good?) Look for RGIII to make fantasy owners happy once again.

Tony Romo at SD: Only one team gets to be the worst in the NFL at stopping the pass. Now who might that be you ask? A whale’s vagina. That would be Saint Diago. Or, good ole fashion San Diego for the non Anchorman fans. The Chargers are giving up 340 yards a game through the air to go with 6 TDs. Ummm, I don’t care how hot DeMarco is.

Others to feel good about starting: Sam Bradford vs SF, Alex Smith vs NYG, Michael Vick at DEN



Darren McFadden vs WAS: McFadden scarred me like a legendary samari sword slicing through my delicate skin with his performance last year but I’m willing to put a Flintstones band aid on the situation for this match up. Washington is terrible against he pass, well, they are even worse against the run. With Pryor, Oakland’s offense should cruise just fine. Without Pryor, the Raiders will certainly lean on McFadden. Keep in mind, Flintstones band aids are the cheap bulk kind that don’t last long. This is only temporary McFadden.

Jamaal Charles vs NYG: Yea it’s a no duh I know, but I just pictured Eli’s sore loser face reading this recommendation and it makes me laugh. Sometimes I try and entertain myself people and no, I don’t think Eli Manning reads this. But the thought still makes me laugh.

Trent Richardson at JAC: Colts offensive meetings: “I would love to get Trent the ball more, but he is still so new, I don’t want to risk him messing up and costing the team. Man, only if we were playing a team not very good, we could just let him go and work out the kinks. Wait, what’s that you say? We play the  Jags this week?? Oh, done and done. Let’s give it to him.” Yea, call me the fly on the wall.

Lamar Miller at NO: Miami got 3 plays the entire first quarter. 3! They then got 6 plays in the second quarter before getting the ball back just in time to hit the two minute warning. During that time, Miller broke off a 49 yard run which were the majority of his stats for the day. Miller was in the entire game winning drive to end the game and played 17 passing down snaps to Thomas’ 19, an improvement. Miller is getting closer to that breakout. I’m sticking with my belief!

Others to feel good about: Bilal Powell at TEN, Matt Forte at DET, Le’veon Bell at MIN



Pierre Garcon at OAK: The Washington defense has been awful, I have touched on that a time or too. That has led to a lot of passing from RG3 and its clear that he and Garcon are starting to get their chemistry back that was on display through brilliant flashes last year. Garcon has had at least 7 catches in every game so far and is a vital part to the Redskins passing game.

Terrance Williams at SD: This is a deep, deep, deep, deeeep one but I like it. I mentioned the San Diego pass defense and how Romo will excel. Well, with Miles Austin looking like he will mis the game Sunday, Terrance Williams is expected to start opposite Dez Bryant. If Dez wasn’t getting enough coverage with Miles across from him, the Chargers might not put anybody on Williams just hoping to take away Dez. I think Williams could have a big game.

Torrey Smith at BUF: Buffalo gives up the 3rd most points to wide receivers so far this season and they have played the Jets, the Panthers, and The Patriots. Not exactly the big boy teams of wide receivers. Smith has yet to score or have a 100 yard game and yet he is playing some of the best ball in his career. He is averaging over 5 catches a game and about 90 yards. He is due for a big game and I think it happens this week.

Others to feel good about: Antonio Brown at MIN, Josh Gordon vs CIN, Desean Jackson at DE



Heath Miller at MIN: His first game back last week only saw him total 3 catches for 35 yards. It was, however, against a Bears defense that is far better at defending the tight end than the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings give up the second most points to tight ends in the league and it’s not very close. Big Ben loves Heath Miller and the most Heath gets his confidence back in that knee, the more he will excel. This will be a big confidence booster this week.



Matt Schaub vs SEA: Take last week against the 3rd stringers in the second half away and the Hawks starters have given up ONE TD all season. One. Sure, go ahead.

Eli Manning at KC: Sometimes I feel like I short change you guys when things are simple but let’s look at some facts. The Chiefs D is legit. The Chiefs are at home. The Giants are not legit. Eli Manning has thrown only 1 less pick this season than RG3 has in his entire career. Eli Manning has a permanent worse sore loser face in the history of the world. Next topic.

Others to feel nervous about: Carson Palmer at TB, Mike Glennon vs ARI (just wait a game guys, sheesh), Russell Wilson at HOU



BIG NAME BUST OF THE WEEK: Arian Foster vs SEA: Like I said with Schaub, the Hawks just don’t allow touchdowns. Well, then again they don’t really allow yards either. They are tops in the league in nearly every category and with Ben Tate slowly eating away at his carries, it will be hard for Foster to get quality stats this week.

David Wilson at KC: I believed he would turn it around last week. Welp, I did a pretty cool Bruce Willis, or some other notable action star, impression jumping off that bandwagon. On the road against a hot Chiefs defense who are top 10 at stopping the run? I’m good.

Stevan Ridley at ATL: Yeeeaaaaaa, about that. Three games in, Ridley has 121 yards rushing TOTAL. Atlanta does a great job of controlling the clock and, like Wilson, I just don’t want any part of Ridley if I don’t have to.

Others to feel nervous about: Maurice Jones-Drew vs IND, Joique Bell vs CHI, Ryan Mathews vs DAL



Andre Johnson vs SEA: He has an injury to go on top of the whole Legion of Boom thing. Or the Richard Sherman thing. Pick your poison.

Marques Colston vs MIA: Ok fine, you don’t ever really want to see one of Drew Brees’ main targets but you might want to keep your expectations low. The Dolphins have been great at defending wide receivers and absolutely horrendous, aka last in the league, at defending tight ends. Oh wait, the Saints have the best tight end in the league. Yea, Graham time this Sunday.

Dwayne Bowe vs NYG: I don’t really understand why the Chiefs haven’t made it a bigger focus to get the ball to Bowe yet this season. Oh wait, yes I do, they are 3-0. Andy Reid’s system will spread the ball around if need be and right now it is working splendidly. Alex Smith is not the type to force the ball into a questionable space for his start receiver to make a play so Bowe is struggling. Now he will face a terrible Giants team who have already gone up against the likes of Dez Bryant, Steve Smith, and Demaryius Thomas. All under 60 yards receiving. Bowe is not better than them

Others to be nervous about: Larry Fitzgerald at TB, Cecil Shorts vs IND, Santonio Holmes at TEN



Tony Gonzalez vs NE: Despite Roddy White being limited Tony G has not thrived this season. He has yet to top 36 yards receiving or 4 receptions. Add in the fact that New England is actually the best team in the league and defending tight ends. You would think they practice against some good ones or something. (They don’t, they don’t though. One is in jail and one is hurt, thus the irony)