Fantasy Football Start Sit

Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 2

Author: Kevin Nelson

I’m conflicted. I can’t decide if this is my favorite time of the actual fantasy season or if it’s a caught up in the moment…uh… moment. I love right now. It has been one entire week. We have seen 60 minutes worth of football and opinions, gut feelings, emotions, and research has all gone waaaaaaaaay out the window. Dez and Calvin are bums. Julius Thomas is the new Jimmy Graham (ok he could be but still). There are a million examples but you get the point. Do all of you remember Devery Henderson?

Devery Henderson averaged 547 yards and 2.5 touchdowns per season (16 games) over his eight year career. In the eight week 1 games he played, he totaled 499 yards and 4 touchdowns. That’s a 1000 and 8 guy over the course of a 16 game season. Are you following what I’m saying at all?

Week one numbers are important, no doubt about it. But a season they do not make. I would tell everyone to relax but no! I will do no such thing. I hope everyone freaks out, that is what makes fantasy football so much fun! But seriously, relax.

Let’s check out the week two recommendations:




Michael Vick vs SD: Right now they don’t know what to do. When Michael Vick came out of nowhere the first time, he dominated because teams were not prepared for what they were facing. The same idea is taking place now in Philly. Chip Kelly has defenses guessing more than the blind man playing 3 card Monte! The Eagles ran 50+ plays in the first half in week 1 and Kelly wanted to go even faster. Until defenses start to get a little game film, or he gets hurt, Vick should be starting.

Sam Bradford at ATL: The Rams said all offseason they were going to let the beast out of his cage and Jared Cook was finally unleashed. What everyone had thought was possible in Tennessee was allowed to flourish in week 1 for St. Louis. Between Cook, rookie wide out Tavon Austin, and a backfield more suited for scat style screens than power, Sam Bradford has all the weapons necessary to excel. And he looked good doing it week 1. That should continue as another track meet on the turf in Atlanta should take place. Despite Atlanta’s rookie corners looking good against the Saints last week, he still totaled 357 yards passing and a 113 passer rating. Bradford should post good numbers.

Others to feel good about: Eli Manning vs DEN, Cam Newton at BUF, Carson Palmer vs DET



Reggie Bush at ARI: If the man is healthy, in this offense, START HIM! Wow. Welcome back Heisman.

Eddie Lacy vs WAS: I’ll tell you what, he may have only gotten 14 carries for 41 yards but the man scored and got 14 carries in a game they were playing from behind. Against the San Francisco 49ers, in his first game, on the road? That is not too shabby my friend. Lacy is going to be somebody this year and if you saw anything at all with what Shady was able to do last week, I think Lacy breaks the Packers streak without a 100 yard rusher this week. And he scores. Yep.

DeAngelo Williams at BUF: Buffalo just can’t stop the run. Before Ridley fumbled his way to the bench he was well on his way to 150 yards rusher. As it was, they let Shane Vereen and his broken wrist become the only running back on Sunday to top the century mark. Williams is by himself in that backfield right now (if you don’t count Cam) and will get plenty of opportunities to exploit this defense.

Sneak Play****

Leon Washington vs NYJ: Yes, start Stevan Ridley with confidence, but if you are desperate Leon Washington could get you a few points this week I think. The Patriots need a pass catching back in their offense. They made Kevin Faulk relevant every now and again and turned Danny Woodhead from a Hard Knocks “awwww” story to an actual drafted player.

Others to feel good about: Lamar Miller at IND (ok feel good is a stretch but I’m sticking with my dude!), Darren McFadden vs JAC, David Wilson vs DEN (He has no choice)



Jordy Nelson PackersJordy Nelson/Hakeem Nicks: Why are they grouped together? They are both two former studs who were ranked a lot lower than they should have been due to injury. They both look healthy and back to stud status. Start away.

Julian Edelman vs NYJ: Sure he is the waiver wire flavor of the week but there is a reason. We all knew (well I know I did) Danny Amendola wouldn’t last very long. Nobody would have predicted one half basically but still. Tom Brady relies on trust. Kenbrell Thompkins had 14 targets and caught 3 balls. You trust him? That was supposed to be the rookie ahead of the others. Edelman is the one guy who Brady trusts so far and he caught 2 TDs last week. Start.

Pierre Garcon at GB: If there is one thing we learned last week against San Francisco, it’s that Colin Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin are pretty good. Ok, but if there were two things we learned, the second is that Green Bay’s secondary is porous right now. RG3 may not be 100% up to speed but Pierre Garcon should have no problem slicing and dicing that GB defense.

Others to feel good about: T.Y. Hilton vs MIA, Tavon Austin at ATL, Golden Tate vs SF



Jared Cook at ATL: I don’t care if this seems obvious. I am getting tons of feedback from people who do not believe in Jared Cook and I am telling you to believe it. He has always had the talent, but now he has the opportunities. He had 13 targets in week one and should have had 3 TDs if not for a great play by the Honey Badger. I like Cook so much I am debating starting him over Graham in one of my league. I won’t, but it’s under consideration dang it!

Others to feel good about: Julius Thomas at NYG, Jordan Cameron at BAL, Brandon Meyers vs DEN



BIG NAME BUST ALERT (new weekly feature where I will be sure to put a big name at risk of a subpar week) : Colin Kaepernick at SEA: Week 1’s QB leader is going to have his work cut out for him in week 2. Not only did Kap have his worst game of the season last year in Seattle, but the Seahawks secondary will surely not allow Anquan Boldin to catch 13 balls. The Hawks are trying to break a stadium sound record so they will be rev’d up even more than usual, if that’s actually possible. Kap will be challenged to find trust in receivers like Kyle Williams and Quinton Patton as the Legion of Boom will be all over Boldin and Davis. Take your chances if you dare.

Andy Dalton vs PIT: Ok, I know I can’t really say that Pittsburgh shut down their week one foe because Jake Locker typically shuts down himself (and you have no idea how much that hurts me as a Husky) but the Steelers old defense still shut down the Tennessee offense week one. Old or not, the Steelers are just an elite unit when Polomalu is healthy, and healthy he is. Dalton showed some flashes in week 1 and I like his potential going forward, but with so many QBs excelling, I would probably go with your other platoon choice.

Others to be nervous about: Jay Cutler vs MIN, Ben Roethlisberger at CIN, Alex Smith vs Dallas



Ray Rice vs CLE: I don’t think it was all Lamar Miller last week. I think Cleveland has a legit front seven and could make things difficult for Ray Rice. Add the fact that Baltimore continues to put the ball in Joe Flacco’s hands despite their lack of weapons on the outside. I understand he won the Super Bowl, but he still can’t carry an offense. It should be Ray Rice’s offense and week one showed that Baltimore is still unsure.

All Broncos at NYG: Doesn’t matter who they are playing. Until somebody emerges, you are flipping a 3 sided coin. And that isn’t even a 50/50 shot anymore folks. Yeah.

Rashard Mendenhall vs DET: Unfortunately, it’s still the same guy in the pads that it used to be. Everyone thought he would keep the same name and switch teams but switch actual persons. Nope, same guy. Sit.

Mark Ingram at TB: This was his year. Sean Payton is back, it’s time. 9 rushes for 11 yards….. Tampa Bay was number 1 against the run last year and held the Jets to… well, I don’t care if it was the Jets. They are good.

Others to feel nervous about: Benjarvus Green-Ellis vs PIT, Da’Rel Scott vs DEN, Chris Ivory at NE, CJ Spiller vs CAR

 Roddy White Falcons


Roddy White vs STL: Until we can tell that ankle is healed, don’t do it. Roddy will play because he is a beast and his presence allows the defense to account for him, but like he said, right now he is more of a decoy. I don’t want my receiver as a hobbled decoy. Sit until further notice.

Anquan Boldin at SEA: Boldin vs Sherman. Can’t wait. You know who my money is on based on this assessment.

Greg Jennings at CHI: Not a great start for Jennings in Minnesota as he blew the top off the Metrodome with his 3 for 33 stat line. Meanwhile Jerome “flippin” Simpson had 7 catches for 140 yards. Jennings hasn’t really excelled in fantasy for a couple years now and there is no reason to believe this game in Chicago against Peanut Tillman is the turn around. Sit down Greg.

Kenny Britt at HOU: Another knock on Locker in one article. My alumni association is going to revoke my card. Jake just isn’t there right now, and therefore Britt isn’t. Remember where this guy was 2 seasons ago in the first couple weeks? Man, what could have been.

Other guys to feel nervous about: Emmanuel Sanders at CIN, Eric Decker at NYG, Kenbrell Thompkins vs NYJ



Vernon Davis vs SEA: Two words: Kam Chancellor. Good luck Vernon.


Others to be nervous about: Greg Olsen at BUF, Owen Daniels vs TEN, Dallas Clark vs CLE