Fantasy Football Matchups

Fantasy Football Matchups: Week 3

Author: Chris Dale


Greetings FFB Lifers!  My name is Chris Dale and I’ll be bringing you the fantasy slant on the matchups each week, with both player and team projections.  I can get a bit wordy, so if you want the quick and dirty version, at the bottom of each matchup I’ll have a ranking next to each noteworthy fantasy player (1-5 stars, 5 being the best) based on their matchup.  I’ll also include my prediction for who will win the game.  I don’t have to help you with your pick‘em leagues too, but I do.  Isn’t that nice?  (This is my first week writing this piece, but I was 10/16 week 1 and 15/16 week 2 for pick’em).  I figured it was about time for me to put all my research to good use.  I’m from Atlanta, GA and am a firm Falcons fan.  Every writer has a bias, and now you know mine.  Use the information as you see fit.  Without further ado, here are your week 3 predictions!


Week 3 Matchups

mia_logo-50x50cle_logo-50x50Miami at Cleveland

Well, the Reggie Bush farce didn’t last long.  After hearing Miami coach Tony Sparano talk about a 70/30 split between Bush and rookie Daniel Thomas, one wonders who taught him about fractions.  Bush looks like he may not be valuable even in PPR leagues after last week.  Pick up Thomas, and cut your losses.  Its ok, you’re not the only person who believed the Dolphins lie.  The rookie should have another solid game this week, and hopefully pick up a touchdown while he’s at it.  Chad Henne has played better than expected, giving some hope to fans who were calling for a trade for Kyle Orton.  Fantasy owners probably shouldn’t get too excited, as he won’t be involved in a shootout like the New England game very often.  However, Henne is playing well, and should lead his team to a victory this week.  Brandon Marshall is a must-start, making him the only player on the Dolphins I would give that title.  Davone Bess could be a spot play if you are really hurting for WRs.  Anthony Fasano had 5 catches for 82 yards against NE, but was held without a catch in game 2, so I would avoid that crapshoot unless you’re feeling really lucky.

As far as Cleveland goes, Peyton Hillis seems to be immune to the Madden Curse, and is also the only must-start on the Browns.  Colt McCoy has been solid, but definitely not a QB1 in any fantasy format.  He also spreads the ball around too much for any WR to be worth your time.  If you absolutely have to pick up a Browns receiver for some strange reason, take Mohamed Massaquoi, since the preseason hype over Greg Little seems to be nothing more than that: hype.

Winner - Miami

***** Peyton Hillis

**** Brandon Marshall

*** Chad Henne, Daniel Thomas

** Colt McCoy, Davone Bess

*Reggie Bush, Mohamed Massaquoi, Montario Hardesty, Anthony Fasano


nyg_logo-50x50phi_logo-50x50NY Giants at Philadelphia

In the battle of the handicapped last week, NY managed a win against another severely depleted team, the Rams.  However, they looked shaky at best, and got lucky several times.  Their defensive touchdown was mostly due to a mental error on the part of Cadillac Williams (but I’ll take it since the Giants D got me 13 points for a come-from-behind Monday night victory in my office league!). However, this week against Philly, their injuries on the defensive side will be exploited.  Giants!  You have enough real injuries!  Stop faking more!  Expect multiple turnovers by Eli Manning, and several sacks.  I’m not saying to bench Hakeem Nicks or Mario Manningham, but I wouldn’t expect either of them to put up any more points than they did against the Rams.  Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs are still solid plays here. 
Vick practiced Thursday, but if he can’t go, Kafka should be more than capable of leading the Eagles to a victory.  If you are a Vick owner, and your backup (you do have a backup, right?) has a tough matchup, take a chance on Kafka.  He played very well against the Falcons, throwing for 72 yards on 7 of 9 passing.  His two incompletions were a dropped pass by Jeremy Maclin (one of the easiest balls to catch he’d seen all night) and a Hail Mary.  Andy Reid has expressed confidence in Kafka, and you should too.  Kafka seemed to favor Maclin heavily, so if you own Maclin you could be in for another huge week.  Kafka hit Maclin on a 43 yard pass, so he should be able to throw some deep balls to DeSean Jackson, despite not throwing to him last week.  Kafka will also, in all likelihood, dump off to LeSean McCoy quite often, so expect the usual big game from Shady.  Eagles win this one handily, regardless of who is manning (no pun intended) the helm.

Winner - Eagles

***** Michael Vick (?), LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin

**** DeSean Jackson

*** Hakeem Nicks, Mike Kafka (?), Ahmad Bradshaw, Philadelphia defense

** Jason Avant, Steve Smith, Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham, Eli Manning

*Ronnie Brown, Brent Celek


hou_logo-50x50no_logo-50x50Houston at New Orleans

Last week, Arian Foster owners wept while Ben Tate owners rejoiced.  Foster took all the first team reps in practice before the game, then re-aggravated his hamstring, paving the way for another 100 yard game for Ben Tate.  If the Houston staff has any brains at all, they will stick with Tate this week and not risk another setback to Foster.  Even if they do clear Foster to play, I think we’ll be looking at a heavier dose of Tate than Foster this week, and every week from here on out until Foster is 100%.  If Foster doesn’t play at all, Steve Slaton could also see around 10 carries, since Derrick Ward is still out.  That being said, this week against New Orleans will probably be a high-scoring, passing affair.  Look for Matt Schaub to finally top 20 fantasy points, and Andre Johnson to have his first multiple touchdown game of the season.  Drew Brees will have a great game as well, while it’s tough which WR will stand out.  Thus far, Devery Henderson has been the best performer, but Robert Meachem and Jimmy Graham have also been consistent contributors.  Lance Moore should be more productive than his 1 catch, 6 yard game last week, but it is obvious he’s not fully over that groin injury.  Darren Sproles is a must play in PPR leagues, as usual.  I’m not willing to take a risk on any other Saints RBs, but Mark Ingram has the potential to expose the Texans run defense.  Look for Houston to win a high scoring game, and show that they are serious about this being their year.

Winner – Houston

***** Andre Johnson, Drew Brees, Ben Tate

**** Matt Schaub

*** Darren Sproles, Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem, Jimmy Graham, Owen Daniels

** Jacoby Jones, Mark Ingram, Steve Slaton

*Pierre Thomas


ne_logo-50x50buf_logo-50x50New England at Buffalo

For all the talk about what a great strategist Bill Belichick is, I think his game plan is pretty simple: defend the run, dare the opponent’s QB to outplay Tom Brady.  As well as Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing, he is still not going to outplay Brady.  Both QBs should put up huge numbers in a shootout that New England will inevitably win.  New England has not allowed a team to rush for 100 yards thus far, let alone a single player, so expect Fred Jackson’s number to drop off significantly this week, and I would avoid C.J. Spiller altogether.  Stevie Johnson and David Nelson should both have 100 yard games.  (Johnson is on the injury report, so monitor his status through Saturday).  TE Scott Chandler has surprised with 3 TDs, but after watching the Pats hold Antonio Gates to zero catches last week, Chandler could find himself stifled this week, especially if Stevie Johnson doesn’t play.  If Johnson plays and the Pats focus him, Chandler could have a game similar to what Anthony Fasano had against the Pats (5 catches, 82 yards).
Aaron Hernandez is out for NE this week, so we could be in for a Gronkowski brothers family reunion, perhaps in the endzone.  Hernandez’s absence could also mean that Ochocinco finally contributes, so feel free to roll with him if you don’t have a better option.  The Law Firm seems to be the back to start here, but Danny Woodhead has received quite a few carries as well.

Winner – New England

***** Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski

**** Ryan Fitzpatrick, Stevie Johnson (?), David Nelson

*** BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Deion Branch, Fred Jackson

** Danny Woodhead, Chad Ochocinco

*Scott Chandler


jac_logo-50x50car_logo-50x50Jacksonville at Carolina

Can Cam continue carrying Carolina?  Alliteration aside, he will certainly get a win this week against a Jacksonville team that has scored at total of one touchdown in two games.  He leads the team in both passing and rushing yards, much to the dismay of anyone who drafted DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart.  Steve Smith has stormed back as a viable WR1 in any format, and look for him to top 100 yards again this week.  I didn’t think that Newton would throw back to back 400 yards games, and he proved me wrong.  But I REALLY don’t think he will have 3 in a row, and I don’t see anyone other than Smith being a reliable, every week option in the Carolina passing game.  Jonathan Stewart has the 2nd most receptions on the team, making him the RB you want from this duo. ($30mil seems like a lot to pay a guy for 5 carries a game, don’t you think?)

As far as Jacksonville goes, Maurice Jones Drew is ABSOLUTELY the only player you should ever start from this team, and should get somewhere close to 100 yards and a TD.  If you follow the handcuff train of thought, Deji Karim is the only other player you should own on from this team.  Mike Thomas leads the team with 84 yards receiving, and last year’s breakout TE Marcedes Lewis has all of 2 receptions and 24 yards, and has a calf injury to boot.  If you have either of them, check out the Waiver article and find yourself a nice set of replacements (Denarius Moore/Eric Decker and Fred Davis/Scott Chandler would be my suggestions J).  Luke McCown has officially been replaced by Blaine Gabbert.  While this should be good news for Jaguar fans, it should have absolutely no impact on your fantasy team.  If you own Luke McCown, I’m surprised you were intelligent enough to navigate to this website.

Winner – Carolina

***** Steve Smith, Maurice Jones-Drew

**** Cam Newton

*** Greg Olson

** Jeremy Shockey, Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams

*Deji Karim, Mike Thomas, Blaine Gabbert


sf_logo-50x50cin_logo-50x50San Francisco at Cincinnati

I’ll admit it, during the preseason, I was contemplating changing my defense every week to whoever was playing Cincinnati.  Thus far, the Bengals have shown themselves to be anything but a pushover.  They beat the Browns, and had a close, tough loss to the Broncos, and should win a close game against the 49ers.  The Bengals have been an exception to the rule that a team with young players at key positions (Dalton, Green, Simpson) will not win.  Rookie Andy Dalton has thrown for 400 yards, 3 touchdowns, and most importantly, zero interceptions.  I’m not saying you should pick him up for your fantasy team (there are much better options), but he has done surprisingly well.  Cedric Benson has been his usual unspectacular self.  Expect 20 carries, 80 yards and maybe a touchdown if you get lucky.  His only touchdown so far was a garbage one that came at the end of the game against the Browns, and San Fran has been fairly sturdy against the run.  A.J. Green, another rookie, rebounded from a lackluster game 1 with an impressive 10 catch, 124 yard game, with a touchdown to boot.  A nice sleeper pick here is Jerome Simpson, who last year had 20 catches for 277 yards and 3 TDs, already has 8 catches for 180 yards this season.  It’s only a matter of time before he reaches the endzone. Unfortunately, he was just caught with (drumroll please) 8.5 POUNDS of marijuana in his house. 8.5 POUNDS!!! So he may not play this week, or for several weeks to come.

It’s hard to like anyone on the 49ers for your fantasy team.  Alex Smith has been, well, Alex Smith.  Michael Crabtree should be back this week, but Braylon Edwards will be out for a while.  Vernon Davis has all of 64 yards, and Frank Gore has been mediocre at best.  Ted Ginn Jr. is only worth having if you get points for return yards, and even then I probably wouldn’t have him on my team.  The defense has seemed decent, but they couldn’t hold off a severely banged-up Dallas team from snatching a win.

Winner – Cincinnati

***** No one

**** No one

*** A.J. Green, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Cedric Benson

** Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Jerome Simpson, Michael Crabtree

*Jermaine Gresham


det_logo-50x50min_logo-50x50Detroit at Minnesota

Hop on the bandwagon folks, the Lions are for real!  They absolutely dismantled the Chiefs last week, and would have even if the Chiefs had everyone healthy.  Matthew Stafford has top 10 QB potential every week he stays healthy.  My man Calvin Johnson shrugs off double and triple coverage as easily as you and I tie our shoes.  I don’t know if Nate Burleson is a black Wes Welker, but is playing the slot well and leads the team in both receptions and yards.  Jahvid Best also looks good now that he’s healthy, running well and catching lots of passes out of the backfield.  Minnesota has been very good at limiting WRs, but terrible at stopping the run, so expect a slight drop off on Stafford and Burleson (Calvin will still score, what did I just say about double teams?), and a big game from Jahvid Best.  Jerome Harrison could be a sleeper here, with the potential for around 10 carries.  TEs Brandon Pettigrew and another sleeper Tony Scheffler could also see an increased.

For Minnesota, there is just no way that Donovan McNabb can out-duel Stafford.  The Vikings leading receiver, Percy Harvin, has fewer receiving yards than Jahvid Best.  Expect the Vikings to attempt to keep the ball out of Stafford’s hands with an overdose of Adrian Peterson, the only must-start on the Vikings.  Tony Gehart could see increased carries if the Vikings employ this strategy of running to keep possession.  This strategy will fail, and the Vikings will have to play catch-up.  This means that McNabb will be forced to pass, Percy Harvin and Michael Jenkins may finally see more substantial yards, and the Lions defensive line will have plenty of opportunities to tee off on McNabb.

Winner – Detroit

***** Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson

**** Matthew Stafford, Jahvid Best

*** Nate Burleson, Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit defense

** Percy Harvin, Tony Scheffler

*Michael Jenkins, Jerome Harrison


den_logo-50x50ten_logo-50x50Denver at Tennessee

If you bench Kenny Britt: your car will break down while your girlfriend is dumping you, which will cause you to get fired because you are late for work, and then the apocalypse will ensue.  Ok, maybe not all that, but you will regret it.  Defenses having been stacking eight men in the box against Tennessee to contain Chris Johnson, allowing this new relationship between Kenny Britt and Matt Hasselbeck to blossom.  However, Denver did allow Darren McFadden to gain 150 yards rushing, so this could be the week that CJ2K finally starts earning his contract.  Nate Washington has also contributed in the passing game with 166 yards in 2 games.  TE Jared Cook has been a disappointment, after a promising preseason.  Denver’s two best defensive players, Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil, are questionable for this week.  If they play, temper your expectations for everyone on the Titans offense.

Denver was able to hang on for a victory against Cincinnati, largely thanks to a strong showing by RB Willis McGahee, and a surprise performance from sleeper Eric Decker.  This week, the injuries will catch up with them.  Brandon Lloyd was a late scratch last week, and is still questionable for this week. He was a limited participant in practice on Wednesday, so be sure to keep a close eye on him if you own him.  Knowshon Moreno could also be back this week, but even if he does play, expect McGahee to have the majority of the carries until Knowshon is back to full strength.  Regardless of who gets the starts, the Titans have been solid against the run, so neither is a great play this week.  Kyle Orton can call Cortland Finnegan “dirty” all he wants; Finnegan is a master of getting receivers off their game.  Don’t expect much from Brandon Lloyd if he is cleared to play.  If Lloyd isn’t cleared to play, then Eric Decker will have the unenviable task of being matched up against Finnegan.

Winner – Titans

***** Kenny Britt

**** Chris Johnson

*** Brandon Lloyd (?), Willis McGahee, Matt Hasselbeck, Tennessee defense

** Nate Washington, Eric Decker, Knowshon Moreno (?)

*Jared Cook


bal_logo-50x50stl_logo-50x50Baltimore at St. Louis

Baltimore confused many people last week, myself included.  After a dominant performance against the rival Steelers, they inexplicably lost to the Titans, ruining my chance at going 16-0 in pick ‘em.  Despite that, Baltimore is simply too good of a team to lose to the battered Rams.  Ray Rice will have another monster gain against a Rams defense that has allowed over 350 yards rushing in just two games.  Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin are solid plays, but everything on offense for Baltimore revolves around Rice.  Lee Evans has been a huge disappointment after looking great in the preseason.

You have to feel bad for the Rams, who looked very promising until being repeated bashed in the face with injuries.  Steven Jackson could be back this week, but would be facing a run defense that held Chris Johnson to 53 yards (his longest run was 7 yards).  Cadillac Williams is also nursing an injury, but will probably have to start if Jackson can’t go.  Danario Alexander had a big game last week, and seems to be Sam Bradford’s favorite target with Danny Amendola out with an elbow injury.  Brandon Gibson, Mike Sims-Walker and Lance Kendricks will likely see more targets, due to the combination of injuries to the Rams RBs and the strength of the Ravens run defense.

Winner – Baltimore

***** Ray Rice

**** Anquan Boldin

*** Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson (?), Danario Alexander, Raven defense

** Brandon Gibson, Mike Sims-Walker, Lance Kendricks

*Lee Evans, Cadillac Williams


nyj_logo-50x50oak_logo-50x50NY Jets at Oakland

Run DMC has shot out of the gates this season, just one yard shy of 300 all-purpose yards over 2 games.  He leads the team in catches, and should continue this trend as Oakland tries to avoid the Jets strong run defense.  Denarius Moore has been exciting thus far, but I foresee a lonely day on Revis Island this week.  Jason Campbell will also probably end up resorting to a lot of short passes, so don’t expect a huge game from him.  Michael Bush is not a good play this week, again because of the Jets run defense.

I give a green light to pretty much everyone on the Jets offense.  Oakland defense allowed 217 yards rushing and 264 yards passing last week.  Shonn Greene should finally have a solid rushing total, and LT could be a contributor as well.  Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller are clearly Mark Sanchez’s favorite targets.  Sanchez apologized last week for not targeting Plaxico Burress more last week, but that’s not enough for me to have lot of faith in Plax.

Winner – NYJ

***** Darren McFadden

**** Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene

*** Mark Sanchez, LaDainian Tomlinson, Jets defense

** Denarius Moore, Jason Campbell, Plaxico Burress

*Michael Bush


kc_logo-50x50sd_logo-50x50Kansas City at San Diego

Antonio Gates: 0 yards, 0 receptions.  The logical response would be to wonder if he was a late scratch, but no, I watched the game, he was physically on the field.  This week against a battered Kansas City defense, expect Gates to come back with a vengeance.  Phillip Rivers and Vincent Jackson should also have a field day.  Both Ryan Matthews and Mike Tolbert should get plenty of touches in both the rushing and passing game as well.

After losing Eric Berry, Toni Moeaki, and Jamaal Charles for the season, Kansas City’s season is over.  Period.  The only good news is that they might be winning the battle for Andrew Luck.  The Chiefs will probably lean on the running game, and may be able to get one more good year out of Jurassic Jones.  Expect lots of dump-offs and gadget plays for Dexter McCluster, who could serve your fantasy team as a poor man’s Darren Sproles.  Matt Cassel will continue to target Dwayne Bowe often, but Bowe will probably face more double-teams now that he is clearly the most potent option in this offense.

*Update* Antonio Gates did not practice due to a foot injury, and is listed as questionable.  He has played through similar injuries before, but monitor his status closely!

Winner – San Diego

***** Phillip Rivers, Vincent Jackson

**** Antonio Gates

*** Dwayne Bowe, Thomas Jones, Ryan Matthews, Mike Tolbert

** Dexter McCluster

*Matt Cassel


gb_logo-50x50chi_logo-50x50Green Bay at Chicago

Chicago’s O-Line is terrible, what else is new?  After watching New Orleans pick apart Chicago apart on offense, and sacking Jay Cutler 6 times, expect more of the same when Green Bay comes to town.  Jay Cutler has been having nightmares about long blonde hair all week.  Green Bay’s defense is a superior unit to New Orleans, and should be able to put even more pressure on Cutler, despite injuries on the D-line and losing Nick Collins for the season.  Matt Forte is probably the only solid fantasy play on the Bears.  Anyone else think Forte should have the RB/WR designation?  He has almost twice as many receiving yards as rushing yards, along with 1 receiving touchdown and zero rushing touchdowns (the Bears are yet to score on the ground).  He is currently tied with Darren Sproles for 2nd among RBs for receptions (15).  Mike Tolbert somehow leads all players with 17 receptions…riddle me that.  In other surprising news, Jordy Nelson has more yards and as many touchdowns as Greg Jennings.  Take that with a grain of salt, as his only reception on Sunday came from a slant that he took 84 yards for a touchdown, but it looks like Nelson will live up to the hype following his fantastic playoff run last season.  Call it a hunch, but I think JerMichael Finley finally reaches the endzone this week.  Chicago has allowed over 100 yards rushing both games thus far, but has not allowed a rushing touchdown.  I’m usually timid about playing RBs against Chicago, so if you have some better matchups, I would let Ryan Grant and James Starks warm your bench.

Winner – Green Bay

***** Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte

**** Greg Jennings

*** JerMichael Finley, Jordy Nelson, Green Bay defense

** Jay Cutler, Johnny Knox, James Starks

*Ryan Grant


ari_logo-50x50sea_logo-50x50Arizona at Seattle

I’m having a hard time seeing upside for anyone on Seattle’s offense.  You would think that Seattle would lean on Marshawn Lynch quite a bit given how Tavaris Jackson has been playing, but Lynch has all of 44 yards over two games.

For Arizona, Beanie Wells will probably not have a great week against a run defense that has been the one bright spot for the Seahawks this season.  The Seahawks secondary however, has no one that can match-up against Larry Fitzgerald, so good things should be in store for Fitz owners, as well as Kevin Kolb owners.  Early Doucet and Andre Roberts could also have a big game.

*Update* Sidney Rice looks like he will finally play this week.  Watch him this week to see how he does if you are in dire need of another WR.

Winner – Arizona

***** Larry Fitzgerald

**** Early Doucet, Kevin Kolb

*** Beanie Wells, Arizona Defense

** Marshawn Lynch, Andre Roberts

*Tavaris Jackson, Todd Heap


atl_logo-50x50tb_logo-50x50Atlanta at Tampa Bay

The Falcons got off to a slow start, and needed some late game heroics from Matt Ryan to pull off a stunning victory against the Eagles.  Expect lots of scoring on both sides.  Roddy White and Michael Turner are as consistent as they get, so you know what to expect.  Aqib Talib on paper should limit White this week, but we all saw how Calvin Johnson made him look silly during week 1.  Julio Jones will finally get a chance to break out this week, against a much softer defense than he’s seen in the first two games.  Don’t expect a multiple touchdown game from Tony Gonzalez, but he does seem invigorated.  (For those of you who don’t know, Gonzalez got dunked on by a high school kid in a pickup game, and it has sparked him to elevate his game.  So far so good).  Harry Douglas is questionable with a concussion, but has big play potential if he is cleared to play.

Josh Freeman pulled off yet another 4th quarter comeback.  Pretty soon the Tampa Bay coaches will be requesting that the scoreboard always show a “4” there, and see if they can get Freeman to play for a full game.  Mike Williams will definitely bounce back after a horrid performance last week, LeGarrette Blount will continue his trend of not gaining many yards, but could very well contribute a touchdown, making him worth your while.  Preston Parker has been a surprise thus far, leading the team in yards, and RB Earnest Graham leads the team in catches, gaining a decent amount of receiving yards out of the backfield.  Kellen Winslow is solid start at TE, and I have a feeling he’ll reach the endzone this week.

Winner – Atlanta

***** Michael Turner

**** Roddy White

*** Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, Mike Williams, Kellen Winslow, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez

** Preston Parker

*Earnest Graham


pit_logo-50x50ind_logo-50x50Pittsburgh at Indianapolis

Well, if there is one offense as inept as the Seahawks, it’s the Colts.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pittsburgh post back-to-back shutouts here.  The only player I even consider playing from the Colts is Reggie Wayne.  You could take a chance on Dallas Clark, but there is a ton of depth at TE right now, might be worth picking up a Fred Davis or something similar if you have Clark.  Nothing against Clark, I just don’t have faith in a quarterback gets a senior discount.  With Kerry Collins throwing like he has been, Joseph Addai and Delone Carter have no where to run, so please don’t play either against the Steelers if you have ANY other options.

Rashard Mendenhall should have a big game, as the Steelers should get up early and then just run the clock.  I would also expect Isaac Redman to pick up another 10 carries like last week, when he had 10 carries for 49 yards and a TD.  If you lost Jamaal Charles and the waiver is thin for RBs, Redman could be a solid play this week.  Mike Wallace will get his 100 yards, but again, Pittsburgh shouldn’t need to pass very much, so Emmanuel Sanders, Hines Ward and Antonio Brown might be in for a slow day.

Winner – Pittsburgh

***** Rashard Mendenhall, Mike Wallace

**** Pittsburgh defense

*** Ben Roethlisberger, Reggie Wayne

** Dallas Clark, Isaac Redman, Emmanuel Sanders, Hines Ward, Antonio Brown

*Joseph Addai, Delone Carter, Kerry Collins


was_logo-50x50dal_logo-50x50Washington at Dallas

Dallas mounted a heroic comeback this week, but this week the injuries will take their toll.  It seems like Tony Romo will play despite injuring his ribs, but Jon Kitna is waiting in the wings.  Felix Jones is listed as questionable, so keep a close eye on his status.  Miles Austin is out until after the bye week, and it seems unlikely that Dez Bryant will play.  Jason Witten is the only sure play for Dallas this week, and should have a monster game regardless of who starts at QB.  Remember last year Witten was the apple of Kitna’s eye, so you can bank on 100 yards and TD this week.  DeMarco Murray could easily go over 10 touches this week, more if Felix Jones gets a late scratch.

The RB situation in Washington is already making fantasy owners nervous.  Tim Hightower is still the clear #1, but Roy Helu got quite a few carries last week, and could be a sleeper here.  Rex Grossman is showing why he won the QB competition this offseason, averaging nearly 300 yards.  Dallas has been very strong against the run, so another 300 yard game should be in store.  Santana Moss is the go-to guy in the passing game, as expected, but Fred Davis has been playing out of his mind.  Jabar Gaffney has also been a threat.  Look for all three to have good games against a weak Dallas secondary.

Winner – Washington.

***** Jason Witten

**** Rex Grossman, Santana Moss, Dez Bryant (?)

*** Tony Romo (?), Fred Davis, Felix Jones (?)

** Jabar Gaffney, Tim Hightower, Jon Kitna (?)

*DeMarco Murray, Roy Helu

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