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2011 Fantasy Football Awards


2011 Fantasy Football Awards

Fantasy MVP – Drew Brees (5476, 46 TDs, 14 INTs) / Aaron Rodgers (4643 yards, 45 TDs, 6 Ints)

After the season Aaron Rodgers had, it’s obvious he’s the MVP, right? Wrong! Brees is the pick for me simply because of the playoffs. In the playoffs Brees excelled with 1056 yards, 11 TDs to only 1 Int. Rodgers, though damn good, had 799 yards, 8 TDs and 1 Int (along with 50 rushing and another TD. Either quarterback on your team got you to the playoffs, Brees won you a championship. That’s why we play the game, in my best Herman Edwards impression. Not to mention the lucky people that played in week 17 benefited from Brees’ 389 yards and 5 TDs. Simply put, he is the most feared man in football right now and if I asked myself one question, “who would I rather face, Brees or Rodgers?” easily that answer is Rodgers. – Cameron Sparks

I get it; Drew Brees set the passing record. He finished in a blaze of glory and had an AMAZING season. BUT, he didn’t outscore Aaron Rodgers, period. Not in standard scoring leagues anyway and isn’t that what this really comes down to? Rodgers didn’t even play week 17 and he STILL outscored Brees; that is how unbelievable Rodgers was this year. My buddy Cameron will tell you the difference for him were weeks 14-16, playoff time as Brees threw for more yards and TDs than Rodgers did and Rodgers didn’t play in championship games week 17. Well, he won’t mention that Rodgers outrushed Brees those weeks and scored a rushing touchdown. He also outscored Drew Brees in the week 16 championship. So it really comes down to a Brees 16 (standard scoring) point advantage for weeks 14 and 15? Over a whole season, that isn’t enough to offset everything else Rodgers wins. Add into the fact that there was plenty of advanced notice that Rodgers would sit week 17 for an owner to start his back up, whom would have outscored everyone that week with 480 yards and 6 touchdowns. Brees was amazing, but Rodgers was MVP. Take it from an owner who won a title with Rodgers, while knocking the Brees owner out of the playoffs. – Kevin Nelson

*Tom Brady

*Matthew Stafford

Best QB – Drew Brees/Aaron Rodgers


See above, then think back to the aerial assault we witnessed on secondaries across America.

Best RB – Ray Rice (1364, 12 TDs, 76 catches, 704 YDs, 15 total TDs)

Rice is proof that great things come in small packages. Though this race was one of the toughest to call, Rice led out for me due to an 18-point fantasy performance in most people’s league championships, as opposed to McCoy’s 4-point stinker in Week 16 for his owners. Rice did it both on the ground and through the air for the Ravens, and for those of you that play in yardage bonus leagues, his rayrice1six 100-yard performances didn’t hurt either. With that line gelling in the 1st year and his new fullback, sky’s the limit for him in the future. Look for Rice to be a surefire top-5 fantasy pick in 2012. – Cameron Sparks

*LeSean McCoy - (1309, 17 TDs, 48 catches, 315 yards, 20 total TDs)

*Arian Foster – (1224, 10 TDs, 53 catches, 617 yards, 12 total TDs, early season injury)

Best WR – Calvin Johnson (1681, 16 TDs, 96 catches)

One of the most dominating years we’ve seen at the wide receiver position was turned in this year by Megatron. Appropriately named, Calvin beasted his way to an incredible season by starting off on pace to score 32 TDs. While he only hit the halfway point of that mark, ask Rob Ryan who he thinks is the best WR in football and I can assure he won’t make the mistake of saying he has better on his team.  With eight 100-yard games (including two 200-yarders), it felt like defenses should just stop rushing Stafford and use the extra help on CJ. So good at WR this year, the honorable mention candidates went missing. This was by far the easiest selection. – Cameron Sparks

Best TE – Rob Gronkowski (1327, 17 TDs, 90 catches)

It’s amazing to me that after the year Jimmy graham turned in, he’s not far and away our winner. Two words change that, “The Gronk”. This second year star put the skeptics to bed by eclipsing his impressive rookie season with record breaking stats in yards and TDs for a tight end. Gronkowski became the favorite target of Tom Brady and shook the stigma of only being a goal line threat with 1327 yards, many coming after contact. What’s more impressive is Gronk did it with another good tight end on his team, Aaron Hernandez. There looks to be a changing of the guard at the tight end position and that could be led by Rob Gronkowski. – Cameron Sparks

*Jimmy Graham – (1310, 11 TDs, 99 catches)

calvinjohnson3Biggest Fluke (One-Hit Wonder) – Kevin Smith (Week 11, 140 rushing yards, 2 TDs, 61 rec yards, 3 tot TDs)

From the couch to the endzone, Kevin Smith came out of nowhere and helped fantasy owners take home a huge victory in the playoff push of Week 11. If you listened to Fantasy Football Life, you would’ve seen that he was a start to get into your lineups before he blew up as called by Kevin Nelson. He then dealt with more injuries after this game and didn’t do much until the championship week, but still impressive to see him come back after all of those injuries and have the game he did in his 1st time back out. The reason he beats out Flynn’s record-setting performance is for most, Flynn’s game was out of the fantasy football season. – Cameron Sparks

*Matt Flynn – (480, 6 TDs, Week 17)

Best Waivers Pickup – Victor Cruz (82 rec, 1536, 9 TDs)

Merengue anyone? Victor Cruz caught a big pass on Nnamdi and the Eagles and decided to never look back, outrunning DB after DB along the way. Cruz’s seven 100-yard games was impressive, but that has nothing on him turning in 1500+ yards despite not playing much in his 1st two games of the season as a backup. Cruz was never worried that his talent would show though, if football didn’t work out Dancing with the Stars would surely have come calling. – Cameron Sparks

*Antonio Brown (80 rec, 1108, 2 TDs)

*Laurent Robinson (54 rec, 858, 11 TDs)

Biggest Bust – Peyton Hillis (587, 3 TDs, 22 catches, 130 yards) / Andre Johnson – (492, 2 TDs)

Damn you John Madden! But, you heard it here first so if you took the advice of FFBLife, you steered clear of Hillis anyway, right? Right??? – Cameron Sparks

It seems like a cop out to choose a guy with injury as bust of the year but when it is a guy who hinted at playing all season, and made owners hold him I think it counts. For years now people have been infatuated with Johnson so much so that he has been a first round pick multiple years in a row now, without EVER scoring double digit touchdowns. A wide receiver picked in the first round is needed to set their team way ahead of others at the wide receiver position. Someone who could do what Calvin Johnson did, 1681 yards and 16 TDs. Instead, this first round pick got owners 492 yards and 2 TDS, worse than Preston Parker, Davone Bess, and Dezmon Briscoe. How big of a juggernaut was the Tampa Bay offense this season? Yea, well they had THREE receivers with better numbers. Bust, BUst, BUST! – Kevin Nelson

cruz*Chris Johnson (1047, 4 TDs, 57 catches, 418 yards)

*Desean Jackson – (961, 4 TDs)

*Mike Williams (TB) – (771, 3 TDs)

Best Sleeper/Value Pick – Jordy Nelson (1263, 15 TDs)

Really Dude? Really Jordy? 15 TDs? 1263 yards? 15 TDs???? Yes Jordy, we get it now. Your big performance in the Super Bowl was not a fluke and you are apparently a threat from anywhere on the field. With A-Rod slinging the ball further than the other A-Rod can hit it, Jordy has established himself as a premiere deep threat, always seeming to find seams in the defense. Not to mention the upsetting of Greg Jennings owners after he upset the applecart. They could’ve had Jennings’ production by drafting Nelson in the 12th round. – Cameron Sparks

Comeback Player of the Year – Steve Smith (1394, 7 TDs)

Thaaaaaaank you Cam Newton!

*Willis McGahee – (1199, 5 total TDs)

Breakout Player – Matthew Stafford (5038 yards, 41 TDs, 16 Ints) / Marshawn Lynch – (1204, 12 TDs, 28 catches, 212 yards, 13 total TDs)

Now in fairness, Marshawn didn’t come out of nowhere exactly, but, he was drafted to be a back up and only because he “started” for an NFL team. The Hawks o-line had a new coach, 2 rookies, a free agent, two sophomores, and they had Tarvaris Jackson at QB. Needless to say, he was not expected to do much. Well, over 1400 total yards and 13 touchdowns later, we have a true beast. The most exciting part is how he finished the season. He rushed for over 100 yards in 6 of the last 8 games, including the only back to newtonsmithdo it against the 49ers. He had a streak of 11 straight games with a touchdown, including the only back to do it against the 49ers. This goes without saying he was running behind backups of backups after losing 3 of his starting o-linemen. He will probably go in the first round next year and that my friends is a breakout. – Kevin Nelson

Well, I hate to toot my own horn but if we talked anymore about Matthew Stafford breaking out this year before the season started, you’d think he was a personal financier of FFBLife. We called him the sleeper pick of the year, best breakout candidate, etc…and he more than exceeded expectations lighting up defenses everywhere as the Starscream to Megatron (Don’t tell me I’m the only one that watched Transformers as a kid). All it took was a healthy season. – Cameron Sparks

*Reggie Bush (1097, 6 TDs, 43 catches, 296 yards, 7 total TDs)

*Fred Jackson – (934, 6 TDs, 39 catches, 442 yards)

Hopefully you’ve all had a championship season and congratulations on bring home a ring. It’s been our pleasure to be with you throughout the season and FFBLife looks forward to celebrating with you year after year!

*Honorable Mention


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